21st Century Students: Technology

The 21st Century requires a labor force that is fluent in the use of technology. Therefore, it is imperative we introduce our students to the value of using technology as a tool for learning. This is one reason for the development of STEM. Not only can it be fun, it will provide skills that will long outlast the K-12 Experience.

I wish it were that simple. An education system should have a firm understanding of the needs of the 21st Century workplace before developing and implementing a technology program. In the Dec 31, 2019 Port City Daily article below it looks as if the county is doing just that. However, there is one glaring issue.

Most businesses and educational institutions run their technology systems on the Microsoft Windows platform and not the Apple OS. While good for some of the more creative and artistic careers and industries, it is not practical to attempt to implement a second platform for students and later members of the workforce to learn.

If we are going to use taxpayer money to investigate ways of improving our community and education system, we need students to learn the systems they will be working on once they graduate. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money and draws more criticism from our constituency.

Working smarter is always better than working harder. Let’s be smart, investigate technology our students will actually use when they leave the schoolhouse for the workforce.

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