Protecting Those Who Protect Our Children

A couple of weeks ago, I ran across a Facebook posting about the corruption of the entire New Hanover County School System. I made mention that there were over 1500 employees who are good, hard working people who do their jobs and should not be included. An angry parent retorted that there are over 1500 people who knew something but said nothing. I was offended as an educator, however, I could understand this person’s anger. I pondered this.

Last night, I addressed this at the NHCS Board of Education meeting. Most people outside of the school system do not know about or understand the culture of fear and intimidation that exists within the system. People fear or their jobs and/or their family if they say anything. Fear is a very strong motivator to keeping silent. Let’s eliminate that fear.

I urged the board to create a whistle-blower policy with teeth. Protect any employee from retaliation who witnesses and reports a violation of policy. Punish any supervisor who takes any sort of retaliatory action against that employee. The protection and punishment would have to be worked out, but this would the first step freeing from fear, those who see something, fromĀ  retaliation when making a report.

What are your thoughts? I’d like to know.

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