Getting Our Children Where They Need To Be: School!

These are unprecedented times. There is no room for political positioning. As an educator, I need to be in front of my students. From what my students have told me, they miss and need to be in class. I am sure there are parents who are welcoming the day that their children will return to school.

Covid-19 has not only changed our world in ways we could never have imagined, it has revolutionized how instruction is delivered to our students. There are many who thrive with the distance learning, however many more need that face to face interaction with their teachers and their peers. Schools not only provide academic learning, they also provide opportunities for students to learn how to interact with adults and each other in a socially acceptable manner. Students learn to collaborate face to face with their peers to solve problems.

While the rest of the nation is worried about how to get the economy back on track, we need to have a more dire conversation. How are we going to get our children back into school in order to learn how to be active participants in those, oh so vital, economies. Let’s figure that out.

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