Coronavirus Exposed Education’s Neglect

Since 1994, school districts across the nation were wiring their buildings in preparation for integrating technology in the classrooms. You would think, having started that early, that we would have been technologically ready 26 years later. Nope! With some exceptions, the federal government and state legislatures turned off the funding to build up technology resources for both students and educators. Instead of investing in technological infrastructure and anytime access to it by students and educators, they diverted those monies to things like charter schools or voucher programs. Many of which were a waste of money when you compare the quality of education students received.

Where has this left us? Right where we are at right now. Reliant on 21st Century technology and resources with a mid-20th Century mentality. If you include the fact that Conservative Republicans have served as the majority of the New Hanover County School Board, their fiscal policies focused more on saving the taxpayers money instead of investing in the technology and infrastructure needed right now to implement a virtual learning environment that is not only productive, but as close to classroom learning without being in the classroom.

I am an active educator with a  long history of being on the forefront of technology in education. Being a leader in the use of technology in the classroom has led to my being selected to teach at the Onslow County Schools Virtual School for the upcoming year.  Both of these have put me in the unique position  as a board member to lead the discussion on technology in New Hanover County Schools. A discussion that is long overdue. As the parents of a student or taxpayer in New Hanover County, you are, by now,    experiencing the need for such a brutally frank discussion.

Our children deserve better, I plan to lead the discussion to make sure they get it!


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