Expanded Class Offerings


North Carolina State law has capped classroom sizes in the lower grades, however they have not increased funding to school districts to cover the cost of hiring new teachers. As a result, secondary schools have had to cut the number of elective teachers and class offerings in order to fill the needed teaching positions at the lower grade levels. Electives are vital to both student achievement and career readiness beyond high school. Eliminating those positions is not fair for our middle and high school students. A student should have the right to explore a variety of interests. I will examine our personnel structure and make recommendations that will not only satisfy the state mandate, but provide the class offerings our students deserve in our secondary schools.

Civil Rights

Students deserve to have their rights protected, regardless of their gender, race, physical, mental or cognitive ability. Every student should have an equal opportunity to thrive in a safe and welcoming environment. There is no place for bullying and there is no place for covering up bullying in New Hanover County Schools.

As an educator, I have collaborated with many special education teachers learning that they have a difficult time meeting the goals of a student’s IEP or 504 due to overloaded caseloads and lack of ancillary support. Exceptional Children’s Teachers in New Hanover County have expressed to me concern and frustration that services to EC students have been reduced. This has resulted in a reduction of student achievement for those students. EC students deserve as high a quality education that regular education students receive. I will examine the current program to make sure that teachers have adequate resources to serve our students who have special needs.

In School and Out of School Suspension

African Americans make up 18% of New Hanover County’s Population. However, they  account for a disproportionate amount of students either in ISS, OSS or in an alternative school setting. Students who are out of the classroom miss valuable instruction time which leads to both short and long term learning gaps. Some students in these situations begin underperforming in school, make poor behavior choices and maybe end up incarcerated completing the school to prison pipeline. It is my mission to reverse this trend. Our African American students should have every opportunity for success as the other students in our schools. They deserve to be treated and disciplined in the same manner as well.